The Bavarian State Collection of Paleontology and Geology houses one of the largest geoscientific collections in Germany and is also of great international importance. The collection includes mainly fossils, besides sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks as well as meteorites and minerals – over 2.5 million objects. In addition, there are microorganisms such as foraminifera, ostracods, pollen and algae, the number of which is in the millions and cannot be approximately estimated.

Special emphasis is placed on fossils from Bavaria and neighboring regions. For example, the BSPG owns one of the most important collections of Solnhofen fossils, extensive holdings of ammonites, bivalves and gastropods from the Franconian-Swabian Alb, fossils from the Alpine region, the Molasse of the Forealps and a collection of Bundenbach fossils. In addition, the collection contains important fossils from many other regions, including important sites in Greece, Egypt, Australia, Pakistan, Iran, South Africa and Texas. The collection is predominantly systematic, that is, arranged according to the various animal and plant groups.

The main focus of the geological holdings of the BSPG is on deposits, alpine geology and historical geology. The holdings include over 25,000 individual pieces of rock, ores, and minerals. Within the focal points, the collection is arranged according to regional criteria.

Geology & Historical Geology