The library, which is jointly supported by the Palaeontological State Collection and the University Department (Section Palaeontology), is one of the most extensive in this field, with well over 120,000 volumes. In accordance with the previous research foci of the staff, the library is particularly well equipped in the fields of vertebrate palaeontology, the palaeontology of invertebrates of the Mesozoic and Neozoic periods, micropalaeontology and palaeobotany. Since 1961, the library has received a large cross-section of the newly published palaeontological and geological literature by exchange, as well as numerous works from neighboring scientific fields (e.g. zoology, botany, archaeology, geophysics, mineralogy).

For loan

The Palaeontological Library is a reference library for the staff of the institution and is open to the public on a limited basis. Loans are not possible. Copying and digitizing facilities are available. The library holdings are not yet accessible via electronic media. Only the stock of monographs from 1980 onwards is included in the Munich Library Network and can be accessed accordingly.

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The library is currently closed for renovations.

Contact: Evelyn Bührend
Tel.: 0049 (0)89 2180 6636