Guided Tours & Programs


Palaeontological Museum Munich

Scientific guided tours of the Palaeontological Museum Munich by in-house scientists for groups on special topics (e.g. evolution) by appointment:

Guided tours during the School Holidays:

Guided tours by our scientific staff are offered especially for families with school children once per holiday week, always on Wednesdays at 2 pm. The meeting point is on the ground floor in front of the gomphothere skeleton. A registration is not necessary.

22.05.2024, 29.05.2024, 31.07.2024, 07.08.2024, 14.08.2024, 21.08.2024, 28.08.2024, 04.09.2024, 30.10.2024, 20.11.2024, 27.12.2024 (exceptionally on Friday because Wednesday is a holiday).

For children and schools

Guided tours, especially ones suitable for children, can be booked at Museum Educational Center
Tel.: 089/95 411 52 -20, -21 or -22.

Geological Museum Munich

Geoscientific courses and guided tours for groups (especially children and teenagers) can be arranged directly with us

Contact museum education

Diplom- Geologists Elisabeth Jobe and Pamela Itzelsberger
Tel.: 089/ 2180- 6547

or via 

Museum Educational Center

Tel.: 089/95 411 52 -20, -21, -22.

There are courses on the following topics: rocks practical, volcanoes, raw materials