Guided Tours & Programs


Due to the pandemic, there are currently no guided tours for groups, school classes and groups with children.

Palaeontological Museum Munich

Scientific guided tours of the Palaeontological Museum Munich by in-house scientists for groups on special topics (e.g. evolution) by appointment:

For children and schools

Guided tours, especially ones suitable for children, can be booked at
Tel.: 089/95 411 52 -20, -21 or -22.

Geological Museum Munich

Geoscientific courses and guided tours for groups (especially children and teenagers) can be arranged directly with us

Contact museum education

Diplom- Geologists Elisabeth Jobe and Pamela Itzelsberger
Tel.: 089/ 2180- 6547

or via 

Museum Educational Center

Tel.: 089/95 411 52 -20, -21, -22.

There are courses on the following topics: rocks practical, volcanoes, raw materials