Palaeontological Museum Munich

The museum is the publicly accessible part of the Bavarian State Collection for Palaeontology and Geology. It is dedicated to the history of the earth’s development and of life and displays animal and plant fossils from all periods of the earth’s history.


Richard-Wagner-Straße 10
80333 Munich
Tel.: 089/2180 6630

E-mail: palmuseum@snsb.de

Permanent exhibition

On the ground floor of the atrium, the Palaeontological Museum presents as impressive exhibits large fossils of various vertebrates and plants, which illustrate the evolution and ecological adaptations in these groups, including the first herbivorous prehistoric reptiles, viviparous fish dinosaurs with embryos, giant flying dinosaurs, pave-toothed dinosaurs, the largest Bavarian dinosaur as well as the last dinosaur, mammals of the Ice Age such as the mammoth, giant deer and saber-toothed tiger, and in the center the skeleton of the Mühldorf primeval elephant. The thematic exhibitions on the second floor are dedicated to the documentation of all earth ages (“from the stromatolite to the hamster”), important evolutionary steps of the living world (“Archaeopteryx, the primeval bird”) and the animal world of Bavaria 16 million years ago. Furthermore, temporary exhibitions are presented here.

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Fossil of the Month

Under this slogan a particularly interesting fossil from the collection is presented every month. For this purpose, a leaflet with information about said fossil is available for free.

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Guided tours

Scientific tours: Guided tours by in-house scientists for groups on special topics (e.g. evolution) by appointment. palmuseum@snsb.de

Guided tours for children and schools: Guided tours especially suitable for children can be booked at buchung@mpz.bayern.de. Tel.: 089/95 411 52 -20, -21 or -22.

Long Night of Munich Museums

The museum regularly participates in the Long Night of Munich Museums with special activities related to the current temporary exhibition and special lighting effects. Night owls can take a break on their museum tour at the Urweltkaffee.

Munich Mineral Days

For many years, the BSPG has participated with temporary exhibitions and events.

Munich Show